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What Stationery Do I Need for My Wedding?

Soon after getting engaged, you may already be feeling overwhelmed about planning your wedding! Wedding stationery, choosing your bridesmaids, picking a date, choosing a venue...there's so much to think about! To help ease your mind, we're giving you a list of all the stationery to consider for your wedding.

Before the Wedding

  1. Engagement party invitation

  2. Save the dates

  3. Bridal shower invitation & thank you cards

  4. Bridesmaid proposal cards

  5. Bachelorette party invitations

  6. Rehearsal dinner invitations

Wedding Invitations

  1. Envelopes

  2. Belly bands

  3. Invitation card

  4. Details card (accommodations, reception information, registry, website, etc.)

  5. RSVP card

At the Ceremony

  1. Ceremony programs

  2. Signage (welcome sign, unplugged ceremony sign, etc.)

At the Reception

  1. Signage (welcome sign, seating chart, etc.)

  2. Place cards

  3. Favor tags

  4. Table Numbers

  5. Menus

After the Wedding

  1. Thank you cards

You may decide not to use all of these stationery items for your wedding, and that's ok! We wanted to give you a comprehensive list of everything that you may decide to use for your wedding, but it's definitely not required. Ready to start? Click here to shop stationery templates you'll love.

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