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How I Met My Husband

I became a wedding stationery designer, because I really do love weddings. Every time I see the bride walk down the aisle, I start tearing up (I can't help it)! And I know what it's like planning a wedding, having planned my own (with a little help from family & friends). Today I'm sharing how I met the love of my life, because we're here to talk about love, right?

Joseph and I met at church after a youth group night when we talked about how we both couldn't go out to eat with everyone else afterward. He had to work early the next morning and I had school. We both secretly wished to see more of each other, but it wasn't until years later that we started getting to know each other. While studying abroad in Europe, he wished me happy birthday through a Facebook message. I remember reading the message while I was at the hospital during my x-ray program while we had a "movie day" watching some medical-related movie for class. We haven't stopped talking since that "happy birthday" message! We kept in touch through Facebook message and video chat for the next six months and started dating when he got immediately (I mean we had waited months for this!)

One of Our First Pictures Together

Joseph and I loved spending every second of our time together. He was in school finishing his last year of college and I had just started working my new x-ray job (I'm a year older). We spent a lot of our time outside going on walks, trying out new restaurants, and watching TV series together. After 5 months of dating, Joseph proposed in the snowy month of January at our favorite pier.

Proposal at The Pier

We decided we wanted to get married that Fall (I mean, why wait?) so we started planning! In just 7 months, we had checked off everything from our wedding to-do list. On our wedding day I was SO nervous. I could barely eat and had butterflies in my stomach like never before. I remember barely taking a bite of our catered meal and just tasting our wedding cake (thankfully we got a free cake for our one year anniversary!).

Our Wedding Day

The setup was beautiful. We had hired someone to decorate the church where we had our ceremony and reception. Think rustic + sunflowers + roses...that was our theme. Our "cocktail hour" consisted of apple cider and donuts (yum!) and our reception had hours of dancing! Something I'm so glad we invested in was a photo booth. Everyone LOVED it and we still have all of the photos to look back on!

Donut Bar

After our wedding, we left for Greece the next day. I had NEVER been on a plane before, so I thought...why not fly 13 hours for my first time? I discovered I was not someone who can sleep on a plane, but honeymooning in Greece was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I couldn't get enough of the gelato and island vibes.

Literally The Best Gelato EVER

And that's how I met my husband! It's not how I imagined, but I'm glad happened the way it did. I'd love to hear how you met your significant other! Leave your love story in the comments.


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