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Why Wedding Stationery Bundles Make the Most Sense

Most brides start out their wedding stationery collection by searching for save the dates. After this, they start looking for wedding invitation suites, then ceremony and reception signage, and more. But what if you can't find a matching invitation suite for your save the dates? Or the signage you're interested in doesn't quite fit with your wedding invitations? This is when wedding stationery bundles come in. Today, we'll talk about why wedding stationery bundles make the most sense for your wedding and where you can find them.

Examples of Our Wedding Bundles

Cohesive Look

While it may be ok to have generally similar stationery items for your wedding, it's even better to have it all match together perfectly. For example, if you are having a sunflower-themed wedding and your wedding invitations and reception signage have different sunflowers, this takes away from the overall cohesiveness of your wedding. The best way to make sure all of your wedding stationery, from save the dates to thank you cards, has the same exact look, is to buy a bundle. Our bundles have all of the stationery items you'll need for your wedding, with a cohesive look so your wedding theme will match perfectly.

Discounted Price

When you buy all of your wedding stationery items one at a time, the costs add up over time. When you buy all of your wedding stationery at once, in a bundle, you'll save money! We all know that saving money and cutting costs wherever possible is very important when you're on a budget. To get an idea of what you'll save, if you were to buy all of the stationery items we sell in our bundles separately, you'd be paying almost twice as much than if you bought them in a bundle!

Everything You Need

We love wedding stationery bundles, because they provide all of the important stationery items you'll need for your wedding. As of this blog post, here are all of the items we currently include in our wedding stationery bundles:

We also include detailed instructions on how to edit your templates in Canva and how to print them at home or professionally. If we've convinced you that wedding stationery bundles are the way to go, check out our shop to find one that suits your wedding theme!


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