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What Your Wedding Colors Mean

Have you narrowed down the color scheme for your big day? Want to leave your guests feeling a certain type of way? If so, you'll want to keep reading! Today, we're getting into color psychology and what the colors you choose for your wedding day represent.

Photo by: Rushina Morrison

Red - Passion, Love, Drama, Energy, Dominance

Red is a vibrant color that attracts a lot of attention. It has different meanings in different countries: purity in India, luck and happiness in China, and danger in the Middle East. Universally, red evokes feelings of excitement, danger, and love. In America, it symbolizes love, anger, and courage. Try using burgundy, wine, crimson, or maroon for your color palette!

Pair With: Blush, Dusty Blue, Pink, Peach

Photo by: Katelyn MacMillan

Pink - Kindness, Sweet, Feminine, Romance

Pink is sure to get your guests feeling the love in the air! Lovely shades of pink for your color palette include: fuchsia, dusty rose, blush, hot pink.

Pair With: Dusty Blue, Emerald, Ivory, Grey

Photo by: Leonardo Miranda

Blue - Peace, Trust, Serenity, Modesty

Blue is the color of trust and loyalty. Many brands use this color to invoke feelings of reliability and calmness. We love dusty blue, navy blue, and royal blue for weddings.

Pair With: Ivory, Sage, Yellow, Teal, White

Photo by: Kelly Sikkema

Purple - Power, Wealth, Imagination, Royalty

Purple is known to be worn by royalty, because the resources needed to create purple dye were much more costly and scarce. Lighter shades represent nobility and status, while darker shades portray sadness and frustration. We love lavender, mauve, and plum shades.

Pair With: Blush, Gold, Red, Yellow, Grey

Photo by: Tai's Captures

Orange - Excitement, Youth, Warmth, Happiness

Orange is often seen as energetic and exciting. It's also attention-grabbing, which is why many prison uniforms are orange. We love rust, burnt orange, and terracotta for fall weddings and bohemian weddings. Peach and tangerine are great shades for spring!

Pair With: Teal, Dusty Blue, Purple, Pink, Yellow

Photo by: Thomas William

Yellow - Enthusiasm, Confidence, Imagination, Hope

Yellow is generally a pretty positive color, invoking feelings of happiness, creativity, and excitement. However, some negative feelings include: cowardice, caution, and anxiety.

Pair With: Gray, Navy Blue, Green, Burgundy

Photo by: Samantha Gades

Green - Health, Growth, Nature, Life

While green generally signifies wealth and money, it can also signify love of nature and the outdoors. Hunter green, sage, and emerald are beautiful shades of green to include in your color palette.

Pair With: Gold, Light Blue, Orange, Peach

What does your wedding color palette represent? If you're still stuck on picking a color scheme, try combining different colors based on their color psychology and how you want to make your guests feel when they're celebrating your special day!


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