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What You Need in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Despite how you imagine your wedding day will play out, there is bound to be some sort of emergency (sorry, but it's the truth). A strapless dress that won't stay up, a flyaway hair that won't stay put, or a last minute touch up of your eyebrows may all need attention on your wedding day and you'll want to be prepared! Have you thought about a wedding day emergency kit?

For my own wedding, my maid of honor was well-prepared and made me my own kit. Just knowing that she had thought to bring this for me made me feel more at ease and ready to take on the day. Keep reading to learn all about what wedding day emergency kits!

What Is a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

A wedding day emergency kit is exactly what it sounds like: a collection of items that you may need to solve any problems you encounter on your wedding day. It's such a great way to feel prepared for any disaster that my take place on your big day.

Why Do You Need One?

There are a lot of different things that could go wrong on your wedding day that you may be totally unprepared for if you don't think about them in advance. A rip in your dress, a last-minute headache, and a missing earring back are all problems that could arise on your big day. A wedding day emergency kit is there to solve any and all of these issues that arise, letting you relax and avoiding excess worry.

What Should I Include?

It's totally up to you what to put into your wedding day emergency kit. Consider all of the "what if" situations and include items to solve those potential problems.

Beauty Items

  1. Fashion tape (you'll thank me later)

  2. Tweezers

  3. Sewing kit

  4. Earring backs

  5. Stain remover pen

  6. Makeup remover wipes

  7. Bobby pins & hair ties

  8. Nail glue

  9. Travel hairspray

  10. Small brush or comb

  11. Small mirror

Hygiene Items

  1. Breath mints

  2. Tampons or pads

  3. Travel lotion

  4. Lip balm

  5. Travel deodorant

  6. Floss

  7. Baby powder


  1. Pain reliever

  2. Adhesive bandages (Band-Aids)

  3. Sole inserts for heels

  4. A healthy snack

  5. Lint roller

  6. Antistatic spray

  7. Phone charger

  8. Scissors

Who Should Hold It?

I recommend giving this to your maid of honor to hold onto or another trusted friend who will be in the "getting ready" room with you and your bridesmaids. This way, you know you have it if needed, but don't have to keep track of it while you're trying to get ready for the wedding.

Think of something else to include in your wedding day emergency kit? Share in the comments so other brides can include it in their kits too!

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