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Should You Wear a Veil or a Headpiece? Or Better Both?

The easy answer is you should wear them both! Imagine all those royal princesses with their regal tiaras and long dreamy veils!

About the Author

Liligance is a woman-owned small business, located near the ancient city of Ephesus. Liligance creates vintage-inspired, romantic, unique, & handmade bridal accessories.

Why Choose a Veil?

Let's start with veils. Their existence comes from tradition, but also wedding dresses. There are so many modern veil options out there and they don't make you feel like a traditional bride at all!

  • First of all, veils make such dreamy photos! Photographers love using them in such creative ways and the results are magical!

  • Veils complete your bridal dress perfectly and define your looks outline.

  • Most of the brides get emotional during their wedding dress appointments. This moment happens especially when the assistant puts the veil on the bride-to-be's hair, because the veil has almost as much meaning as the wedding gown.

  • If you are marrying in a place of worship, you may need a veil to complete the ceremony.

And if you are not that bride, that is totally okay too!

Why Choose a Headpiece?

If you have read this far, I assume you are choosing a veil. Most brides decide to leave out the hairpiece after buying a wedding veil. You need a hair accessory to complete your bridal look, because you can't be wearing your veil throughout all of your wedding. I hear you asking, "why"? There a lots of possible reasons. Some of the obvious ones are:

  • If you are having an outdoor wedding, wind is a big threat to your veil. Even though you have your wedding during hot summer time, wind is still able to rip your veil from your head.

  • Veils are made from tulle, which is such a delicate fabric and can easily get caught on objects from your surroundings.

  • If you have a long veil someone can step on it accidentally.

Benefits of Wearing a Headpiece

  • Whether you have a veil or not, a headpiece will definitely complete your dress and elevate your bridal look.

  • Wearing a headpiece will make you stand out as a bride.

  • Everyone will be looking at your face most of the time, so it is a good way to make a statement with a headpiece. Even though some accessories may not be seen from the front, it is good to complete your look with an overall 360° view.

Can You Wear Both a Veil and a Headpiece?

As I mentioned earlier, you can wear them both without any problem. Which hair accessories can you combine with veils? Generally, hair vines and combs are accepted as the most versatile types, but almost all types of hair accessories can be combined with veils.

Check out the beautiful examples of hair accessories with veils below.

*Bonus Tip* If you are looking for something unique, check our Juliet cap veils. They are like both a headpiece and a veil at the same time.

For more information about bridal accessories, visit Liligance Bridal Accessories

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