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Hey, I'm Alyssa!

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Being my very first blog post EVER, I thought I'd start off by introducing myself and tell you how Alyssa Napier Design began!

I'm Alyssa! I'm 27, a Michigander, wife, and dog mom to 4-lb chihuahua, Kierkegaard (Gaardo for short). I hate coffee, but love fruity drinks at Starbucks. If I'm not inside designing, I'm outside loving nature and breathing in fresh air.

What began as a hobby for me to keep busy and creative in 2020 quickly turned into a business to help brides on a budget. Having planned my own wedding, I resonated with the many pain points brides-to-be planning their own weddings were experiencing, specifically finding the "right" invitations.

The first invitation I created was the invitation I wish I had when I got married in 2018, a simple invite with sunflowers and roses. This design has become our best seller (I guess other brides love sunflowers and roses as much as I do)! Since then, Alyssa Napier Design has branched out into more life milestones, with a specific focus on weddings, because we just love love.

We've created Alyssa Napier Design to be a stationery template studio that empowers those planning events and brides-to-be to create beautiful invitations and signage at an affordable price point. In an industry that is so often stuffy, cost-prohibitive, and exclusive, we stand out at the warm, inviting, and soulful studio that really cares about helping our customers.

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