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How to Throw an Epic Pool Party for Your Dog

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Calling all dog parents, it's time to put on your party hats and pop the pup-friendly champagne because guess what's making a splash this year? Pool parties — for dogs! That's right, Pinterest's got the scoop on the hottest trends for 2023, and it's official — pool pawties are all the rage.

Picture it now: a paw-some gathering where the water's cool, the tunes are barking, and the tails are wagging with pure joy. If you're ready to dip your paws into the pool party mania and make a splash with your furry bestie, then you've come to the right place.

In this tail-waggingly exciting post, we'll fetch all the pro tips and tricks to throw the most epic pool party for your beloved four-legged companion. From doggy-themed decorations to drool-worthy treats, we've got it all covered. So, grab a floatie and hold onto your tennis balls, because this is going to be one doggone good time! 🌊🐾

a cream colored dog and a tan colored dog with a purple ball in its mouth with both dogs in a swimming pool

1. Pick a Date & Make the Guest List

After you've decided that a pool party for your pup sounds like a brilliant way to spend a warm summer day, you'll need to choose a date for the party to happen. Choose a day that everyone can get together, like on the weekend, and a day that has a beautiful weather forecast. When deciding on the guest list, be sure to invite dogs that you know like each other or are comfortable around other dogs. You don't want a dog fight at your pool party!

a black lab smiling in front of a swimming pool

2. Send Out Dog-Themed Invitations

After picking a date, find dog-themed invitations that are easy to customize and will be ready in no time. Our pool pawty invitations are perfect for this occasion! They can be customized instantly and can even be sent as an evite instead of a paper invitation. Make sure that your invitations are very clear that this is a pool party for dogs, so your guests know that they should bring their pups with them!

a pool pawty invitation evite shown on a phone screen held by a woman's hands

3. Get the Necessities

Next, you'll need to get all the supplies. Here's what you'll need for the perfect pool pawty:

  1. A pool. If you don't have one, consider using kiddie pools! Make sure the kiddie pools are the ones made for dogs so they can withstand any scratching.

  2. Decorations. Pick a theme, use summer-inspired decorations, or make everything dog-themed for some epic pictures to remember your pool pawty.

  3. Refreshments. Make sure to have lots of water for your furry friends and their human companions! Consider offering other beverages for the humans, but limit alcohol so that the dogs are being watched carefully.

  4. Dog-friendly treats. Make sure to have a variety of treats for the pups to enjoy! Think pupsicles, frozen blueberries, doggie ice cream, and more! Be sure to offer treats for your both your four-legged and two-legged guests.

  5. Toys. Make sure everyone has lots of toys to play with! Beach balls, dog pool toys, floaties, etc.

  6. A gift for your pup if you're celebrating their birthday! Gather all of your pup's favorite things and be sure to sing Happy Birthday!

  7. Goodie bags for your furry friends. Fill them with treats and toys as a way to say thank you for attending!

4. Set Up Precautions

One of the most important aspects of planning a dog pool party is making sure that everyone stays safe! Here are some things you can do to prepare:

  1. Consider letting the dogs meet first to see how they interact with each other. This lets you know if there are any potential issues that could arise between two dogs ahead of time.

  2. Clean up your backyard so that there isn't anything lying around that could potentially injure or make someone sick if ingested.

  3. Make sure the pool area has a barrier to prevent dogs from jumping in unsupervised.

  4. Provide a ramp or dog steps so the dogs can get in and out of the pool.

  5. Provide a shaded area for everyone to cool off.

  6. Assign a designated pool monitor to keep an eye on the dogs in the pool. Consider taking shifts, but make sure someone is always watching.

  7. Provide life vests or ask guests to bring their own for their pups as an extra precaution.

a golden retriever dog standing in front of a gated pool with it's tongue out

5. Plan for Meal and Potty Breaks

Make sure to let all the dogs take a potty break before introducing them to the pool and remember to allow for regular potty breaks throughout the party . Also, avoid feeding your dog a full meal before they swim, or you could end up with a pool full of doo-doo. Let them have light treats throughout the party, but don't feed them while they're in the pool as they could get sick from all the exercise.

a black and white dog licking an ice cream cone with strawberry ice cream

6. Don't Forget the Humans!

While it is a dog pool party, you don't want to forget about their human companions! Make sure to provide refreshments, treats, and entertainment for your two-legged guests.

a woman with black hair and a yellow bathing suit laying on a pool float in a swimming pool with her hands stretched out to the sides and smiling

7. Take Lots of Pictures!

As a dog owner, you know you're going to want some adorable pics of your pups. Set up a designated photo area with a backdrop and props for everyone to capture this special day. Also, encourage guests to take lots of candid photos and share them with each other. This will be a memorable party, indeed!

We hope you now feel ready to throw an epic pool party for your pup! Let us know how it went in the comments and please share your photos with us! We'd love to see the celebration.

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