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How to Proofread Your Wedding Invitations

Sorry brides, but a quick skim won't be enough to prevent spelling errors or other mistakes on your wedding invitations. It's crucial to set aside some time to proofread or you may end up with some wonky-looking invitations. Whether you're DIYing or working one-on-one with a designer, you'll want to proofread your invitations before the final prints. Today we're sharing six top tips for how to proofread your wedding invitations so you can avoid mistakes and reprints.

1. Check Spelling and Grammar

Don't skip this step! You may think you spelled everything right the first time, but please take a second glance to be sure. Here are some things to remember:

  • Check ALL spelling, including your names

  • Does everything sound right when read aloud?

2. Look at the Visuals

How does everything actually look? Be sure to check these visuals:

  • Is everything legible? Is the font big enough?

  • How do your photos look? Are they blurry and pixelated or crystal clear?

  • Are all of your text sizes, colors, and fonts consistent?

  • Check your spacing and centering. Is there a space where there shouldn't be? Need to add a space somewhere? Are your text boxes slightly off-centered?

  • How do your graphics look? Are there white spaces around the edges? Be sure to check your print bleed!

3. Check All Links

Adding links or QR codes to your wedding invitations or RSVP cards is a great way to save space and provide lots of information to your guests in an easier way! Test out each link or QR code to be sure they go to the correct website.

4. Get a Fresh Set of Eyes

Asking for help is one of the best ways to proofread your wedding invitations. Ask someone else to read yours to look for mistakes and to make sure they're legible and make sense.

5. Review Wedding Etiquette

Lots of brides don't really know about wedding invitation etiquette, so they'll skip this step. However, this is an important aspect to consider. Here are some do's and don'ts for wedding invitations:


  • Be sure to include all relevant information like who's hosting, the request to attend, the couples names, date and time, location, reception information, and dress code, if applicable.

  • Be especially careful with cursive fonts. Have a friend read it to be sure it's legible.


  • Use abbreviations.

  • Put information on the back. If you need extra room for information, consider adding an insert card.

  • Include the zip code for your venue.

  • Include registry information. It's impolite. However, you can include your wedding website link on your information card.

P.S. Ultimately, it's up to you how closely you follow these wedding invitation etiquette tips. If you're having a less formal wedding, your wedding invitations don't have to be the most proper (if you don't want them to be). Your guests most likely won't care if you abbreviate or add your wedding website on the back with a cute picture.

6. Consider Printing a Proof

It can be helpful to have a physical copy of your invitation for proofreading. Plus, you'll get to see how it looks when it's printed out!

Proofreading your invitations takes a little extra time, but we promise it's so worth it! Give yourself the peace of mind that your wedding invitations are error-free by applying these six tips.

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