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How to Make Personalized Holiday Cards from Home

Updated: Dec 21, 2022

Personalization is such a great way to make your holiday cards more special this year! Skip the generic cards from the drugstore and DIY your holiday cards right from home. All you need is a decent printer, card stock paper, and a computer! Wondering how to make this happen? Keep reading.

1. Purchase a Template

Finding a template you love is easy on Etsy! You can search for different styles, with and without pictures, and folded or front/back templates. After you find a template you want to use, purchase it. Our templates are available instantly after purchasing!

2. Personalize Your Holiday Card

Our shop utilizes Canva, a free online editor that allows you to personalize your templates. After purchasing, you'll receive a PDF file with the link to your template in Canva. You'll need to make a free account to edit and save your template. With every order, you'll receive instructions for how to use Canva to personalize your templates.

3. Print Your Holiday Card

Printing instructions will vary based on whether you chose a front/back or folded holiday card template. Instructions are included with your order for how to print from home. You can also upload your files directly to a printing website for professional printing. We recommend Prints of Love, because you'll get your cards fast with free 2-3 day U.S. shipping, they include free envelopes, and they plant a tree for every order placed!

Here are a few more of our holiday card template options! Ready to pick out a design? Click here to start shopping!

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