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How to DIY Your Place Cards at Home

Place cards can help your guests find their seats more easily at your wedding, so if you're having assigned seating you'll definitely want to utilize them. You can always have your place cards printed at a print shop for professional printing, but if you want your place cards immediately and at a lower price point, DIYing them from home is an excellent choice. Today, we're sharing step-by-step instructions of how to DIY your place cards at home (using our place card templates).

1. Purchase a Template & Edit With Canva

The fastest (and easiest) way to get started on your wedding place cards is to start with a place card template. Our shop has multiple designs and our place card templates include both flat and folded versions. Today, we're showing you how to use our folded place card template, but instructions for flat place cards are included with your template purchase.

2. Select Print Settings

Printing instructions are included with your order to help you print multiple place cards per sheet to save time and paper. Pictured below is what my print setting looked like when printing the folded place cards with my HP Printer. I first selected "Actual size" to make sure they printed at the correct size. Then I selected 4 pages per sheet, portrait orientation, and opted to print a page border so I had an outline to cut for each folded place card on the page.

Please keep in mind that print settings may vary per different printers. Be sure to select the correct print settings for your printer and do a few practice prints with plain paper before printing in bulk onto your cardstock.

3. Print onto Cardstock Paper

It's important that you check if your printer can handle printing onto cardstock paper. We used 110 lb. cardstock for this demonstration, but you may be able to use less than that, depending on what you want your place cards to feel like. We recommend at least 80 lb. card stock to guarantee that your place cards are able to stand after being folded and still look professional.

A page with four simple folded place cards
110 lb. cardstock paper

4. Trim Place Cards

We highly recommend using a guillotine-style paper trimmer! We just purchased one and absolutely love it. It can easily trim multiple sheets at a time and cuts perfectly straight without frayed edges, like other paper trimmers we've used. We bought this one at Target for less than $50!

Guillotine Paper Trimmer

5. Fold Place Cards

If you're using the flat place card template, you will just trim your place cards and be done. If using the folded place card template, fold each place card in half so they stand on their own. One helpful tip is to use a paper scorer to mark the middle of the place cards and to make it easier to fold your place cards in half.

6. All Done!

DIYing your place cards from home doesn't have to be a hassle when you have steps to follow and a template to get you started. If you're ready to get started on your wedding place cards, visit our shop to pick out your template!

For other DIY tutorials, follow us on Instagram! We share step-by-step videos for DIY brides to help you DIY your wedding without the hassle and headache. Thanks so much for reading!

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