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How to Choose Your Wedding Menu

Narrowing down your wedding menu can be hard when there are so many options! Today, we're going to give you some actionable tips to help you decide what to serve at your wedding so you and your guests are happy.

A beautiful, simple, minimalist printed menu in 4x9 in black font on white paper

Set a Budget

The very first deciding factor in what you will serve at your wedding is knowing what you can afford to pay per person. This needs to be determined before you even start looking at menus. How many guests do you want at your wedding? What is your overall budget? Divide your overall budget by the amount of guests to figure out your food cost per person.

Pick a Serving Style

There are a lot of different ways to serve your guests at your wedding. Here are a few:

  • Plated - guests pre-select meal choices and their food is served directly to their table

  • Buffet - guests are excused by table to serve themselves (or you can have servers)

  • Family - different dishes are served to your guests' table and they choose from those dishes, without having to leave their table

  • Food Stations - different tables have different styles of food, so guests go to the ones they want and either serve themselves or are served at the station

Decide which serving style you like best and factor this into your food budget.

An assortment of charcuterie board foods, with pudding or mousse cups for a special event.
Photo by: Rebecca on Unsplash

Ask Your Caterer

Not sure what to serve? Ask your caterer! They will be able to provide a variety of suggestions based on your tastes, budget, and serving style.

Consider Dietary Restrictions

Have guests that are gluten free? Vegan? Vegetarian? Allergic to shellfish? Consider dietary requirements when making your meal selections. Will you try to accommodate everyone? Will you accommodate the major food allergies? Food stations are a great way to give your guests choices for their dietary needs. Plated meals are also helpful, because they can pre-select their meal choice on their RSVP's. You can also let your caterer know of any allergies ahead of time.

Choose the Right Beverage

You'll want to choose a beverage that compliments your meal. Pizza with pop. An elegant dinner with wine. Ask your caterer what pairs well with your meal selections if you're not sure.

Schedule a Tasting

Ask your caterer if they offer tastings! This is a great way to get an idea of what your menu will taste (and look) like!

What will you be serving at your wedding? Tell us in the comments!


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