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How to Avoid Missing Names on Your RSVP's

We've all heard about the brides who get RSVP's returned to them with no names! If you don't have a system in place before sending out your RSVP cards, you'll be fresh out of luck with no name to jot down on your guest list. Thankfully, we're going to share an easy way to track everyone who RSVP's, even if they do forget to write their names down!

Create a Numbered Guest List

This is the first step to help you organize your guest list and RSVP's. For every household you'll be sending an invitation to, create a guest list with a number, their household name, and a place to record the number of people attending.

Make Corresponding Numbered RSVP Cards

To go along with our example, on the back of your RSVP card for the Smiths, you will write a "1". Then you will mail it to the Smiths, they will fill it out, and if they don't include their names, you will know that number "1" is the Smiths. Do this for each RSVP card and household. Be sure to send the correct number to the correct household, or else this won't work!

We hope you found this helpful for your wedding planning journey! Feel free to drop a comment with other tips or recommendations to help another bride-to-be!

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