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Are Wedding Invitations Necessary?

Interesting question coming from a wedding stationery designer, right? But seriously, do you really need to invest your time and energy into invitations people are going to throw away anyway? Keep reading to find out...


It Depends

Ok, hear us out. Overall, we think wedding invitations are essential for giving your guests all of your wedding information, leaving a great first impression for your wedding, and giving you and your guests a keepsake to treasure forever (at least for the people that do keep them). If you're really set on not investing too much of your wedding budget in invitations, here's a way to work around them.

Send Digital Invitations

Your guests need some form of invitation to know about your wedding. If you're not sending them a Facebook invite and want to send more than a plain text, consider an evite. Go an extra step and find a template for an evite you like and personalize it to make it yours. Just remember that not everyone on your guest list is tech savvy! In addition to sending a digital invitation, you could also...

Make a Wedding Website

Rather than cluttering your invitations with all of the necessary details (like where to park for the reception and hotel accommodations), put these extra details on your wedding website. If you don't want to receive hundreds of phone calls or emails, consider using your website for RSVP's. Add your wedding website to your digital invites so guests can RSVP there.

Forget Save the Dates

A great way to cut costs is to forget save the dates and only send physical invitations to the wedding! If you still want to send save the dates, try sending digital save the dates. We have some great digital save the dates in our template shop!

What are your thoughts on wedding invitations? Must-have or not-so-much? Let's chat in the comments!

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