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7 Wedding Trends I'm Predicting for 2023

Updated: May 30, 2023

Wedding season is upon us! 2023 brides are tying the knot and starting their lives with their forever someone. Wedding trends have been changing and we are sharing our predictions for what you'll see a lot this year for 2023 weddings.

a beautiful embroidered wedding dress on a bride holding her white wedding shoes with diamonds
Photo By: Agung Pandit Wiguna

1. Unique Guest Books

Many brides are skipping the traditional guest books and opting for something a little more unique! You'll see vintage telephones that guests can record a special message on and thumbprint trees for guests to "sign" with their thumbprint! Some other unique guest book ideas are using photo guestbooks, puzzle pieces, and custom record displays.

an orange vintage telephone
Photo By: Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu

2. Bold, Bright Color Schemes

Instead of neutral color palettes, you'll see a lot more of bold and bright colors at weddings this year! Think magenta, hot pink, bright orange, neon yellow, etc. We love this change and can't wait to see the gorgeous color palettes created by brides this year.

bright colorful pink yellow and orange flowers
Photo By: Karolina Grabowska

3. Private Last Dance

Brides are embracing the special moment of a private last dance after the wedding is over. Your guests and vendors (besides photographer/videographer) will leave the room, allowing you a private last dance with your significant other. It's a great way to end the day by taking a pause before all the chaos of cleanup begins. It's also a polite way of signaling to your guests that the wedding reception is over and lets your vendors cleanup without guests getting in the way.

a black and white picture of a bride and groom dancing together
Photo By: Jalil Saeidi

4. Moissanite Engagement Rings

Moissanite engagement rings are more durable, shinier, and more resistant to scratching than diamond rings. They are also less expensive and last longer. Lab grown moissanite allows for more shape and size variability and are more ethical and eco-friendly. For these reasons, brides are choosing moissanite over diamond for their engagement rings!

a women showing her wedding ring
Photo By: Alex Hussein

5. Sustainability

What does it mean to have a sustainable wedding? Planning a wedding with little-to-no waste, reducing your carbon footprint, and trying to keep everything as environmentally-friendly as possible! Many brides are choosing to have sustainable weddings. Here are some of the things they are doing:

  1. Keeping the guest list small

  2. Using recycled paper or evites for invitations

  3. Thrifting whatever possible

  4. Wearing a vintage wedding dress

  5. Buying ethically sourced wedding rings

  6. Using biodegradable glassware, cutlery, and plates

  7. Choosing a sustainable wedding venue

  8. Renting tuxes

  9. Buying used wedding décor & donating it afterwards

  10. Donating leftover food to a local food kitchen

6. Embroidered Veils

Beautiful embroidered veils will be at so many weddings this year! They are stunning and can be embroidered with florals, monograms, and other designs. We love this vintage and personalized look and can't wait to see embroidered veils at weddings this year!

7. Micro Weddings

After the pandemic, many brides realized how wonderful it is to have a smaller, more intimate guest list. This year, plan on seeing smaller weddings and possibly smaller bridal parties, too!

a bride and groom exiting the aisle at their wedding
Photo By: Foto Sierra

We would love to hear your thoughts on our 2023 wedding trend predictions! Have you already seen weddings with some of these trends? Do you have other predictions or trends that you are currently loving? Let's chat in the comments!


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