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5 Things You Should Not DIY for Your Wedding

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Alright, lovebirds, listen up – we're all aboard the DIY train when it comes to weddings, and let's be real, it's a total money-saving, creative thrill ride! But as much as we adore crafting, there are a few wedding elements that should come with a giant "Do Not Disturb" sign – yep, those are the things you should NOT DIY. Trust us, it's not about raining on your DIY parade; it's about avoiding wedding day disasters!

Now, before you whip out the glue gun and start crafting chaos, take a moment to join us on this enlightening journey. We're about to dish out the top five wedding aspects that you should leave in the hands of the pros. From avoiding cake-catastrophes to steering clear of playlist pandemonium, this blog is your trusty guide to what to DIY and what to DN-DIY! So, fasten your seatbelts, put on your creative thinking caps, and let's navigate this DIY wonderland together! 💍✨

A bride getting her makeup touched up
Photo by: Chalo Garcia

1. Hair & Makeup

You could totally DIY your hair and makeup yourself if you have the skill and the time, but this is your day to get pampered! Let someone else do this for you and enjoy sitting back, relaxing, and not having to do it yourself.

A beautiful bride with makeup and long eye lashes
Photo by: Studio Negarin

2. Entertainment

If you plan on dancing all night long, then hire a professional DJ or band instead of using someone's playlist plugged into the venue's sound system. Trust us, it will be worth it! Your DJ can also be very helpful with keeping your timeline going, letting guests know when things are getting started and what's next.

A dj mixer board at a wedding
Photo by: Zane Persaud

3. Photography

You may want to save some money up front, but after your wedding you might regret not choosing a professional photographer. There really is a BIG difference between hiring a professional and having a family member or friend snapping photos on their phone or camera, especially when it's just a hobby for them or they're just getting started in the photography business.

A wedding photographer taking a picture of the bridal party
Photo by: Leah Kelley

4. Videography

If you want quality video of saying your vows and all of the most special moments put together in a beautiful recap video, hire a professional videographer to capture this for you. The quality will be a million times better than having someone else record this on their phone or camera.

A bride and groom exiting the aisle with bubbles
Photo by: Luana Freitas

5. Wedding Cake

Even if you are incredibly gifted at baking, making your own wedding cake is very time-consuming and will be a lot to stress about when you've already got a lot of other things going on. Wedding cake can only be made days in advance, and those days are already very busy with other last-minute things for your wedding. Hire someone else to make your wedding cake and have them deliver it, set it up, and serve it to save time and stress on your wedding day.

A beautiful white textured wedding cake with berries and flowers
Photo by: Mads Eneqvist

What do you think? Would you DIY any of these things or are you leaving them to the professionals? What else would you not DIY for your wedding? Leave us a comment and let's chat!

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