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5 Things to Skip on Your Wedding Registry

Creating your wedding registry is SO fun! Making a list of all the things you want for your new married life and people buying these things for you is so exciting. You can go in person to stores and use their scanner or search online to create your wedding registry, either way is enjoyable. However, there are some items you should leave off your wedding registry. Keep reading to see what those items are!

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1. Personal Items

Personal items, like clothing, jewelry, and electronics should not be on your wedding registry. Typically, the wedding registry is for the couple and for them to start their life together. Items that are for you as an individual don't really belong here. However, you can use any money you get from your wedding to buy these items for yourself.

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2. Fancy Dinnerware

If you know you are not the type of person to actually host elegant dinners with fancy dinnerware, then you can skip this on your wedding registry. Try choosing dinnerware you'll use on a daily basis instead. Lots of couples think they need to register for fancy dinnerware, just because, but it usually ends up collecting dust in their unused china cabinet.

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3. Kitchen Gadgets

The problem with those really cool kitchen gadgets, like the hot dog toaster or the avocado keeper, is that they only serve one purpose. They are very limited and usually don't get used as much as you intended to use them. If you have lots of these single-purpose items, your kitchen will soon be cluttered and you'll run out of space! Try sticking with items that are multi-use so you can save space in your kitchen or only buy kitchen gadgets you'll definitely use.

4. Overly Expensive Gifts

While it's ok to include some expensive gifts on your wedding registry, don't include gifts that are too expensive for any one guest or family member to buy. You also don't want to include too many expensive items on your registry, because guests that can't afford the expensive gifts won't be able to buy off of your registry at all. Be sure to include a range of prices for all of your guests to be able to buy for you. If there's one really expensive item you want, consider having a "fund" for that item on your registry that multiple people can contribute to as their gift.

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5. Subscriptions or Memberships

Your wedding registry should include material items that your guests can gift to you at your wedding, not intangible items, like subscriptions or memberships. TV streaming services or club memberships are not an acceptable item to include on your wedding registry.

What are your thoughts on these 5 items to skip on your wedding registry? Do you agree or disagree? I'd love to hear your opinions, so let's chat in the comments!

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