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5 Reasons Why You Should Elope in 2023

Smaller weddings and elopements are becoming more popular than ever! Brides are opting for more intimate wedding ceremonies with those closest to them, rather than larger, extravagant (and expensive) weddings. Today, we're sharing our thoughts about why we think you should elope in 2023! Keep reading.

1. Less Stress

Ask any bride planning a wedding and they'll tell you how stressful it is with the never-ending to-do lists, budgeting with their spreadsheets, and trying to organize all of their vendors. Elopements are simply less stressful, because there is less to plan and more freedom! You can avoid all the traditional wedding drama by eloping in a land far away with your closest friends and family members, the officiant, and the beautiful landscapes nature has to offer.

2. More Meaningful

When the people who are most important to you are there on your wedding day, this makes it all the more meaningful. Intimate weddings are becoming the new trend, because brides are wanting to share their special day only with the most special people, not their distant cousins or "friends" they haven't spoken to in years. Elopements are a great way to get personal and be memorable.

3. Less Expensive

You may think that with the cost of flying to a distant location and paying for your photographer to travel there would be pretty expensive, but it doesn't even compare to the cost of a traditional wedding. You will avoid paying for music/entertainment, a full dinner for hundreds of guests, decorations for an entire building, and so much more! You can afford to splurge on the areas that matter to you most, while still staying well below the cost of a traditional wedding.

4. Adventure Somewhere New

Have you ever wanted to visit Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree National Park, or the Grand Canyon, but never made a plan to go? Now is the time! Pick the most beautiful place you've been dying to travel to, and make that your elopement location! Getting married in this place will be the most amazing and memorable experience.

5. The Pictures Will Be Better

Seriously, how can pictures of any wedding compare to the pictures you would take in a special elopement destination? This is your opportunity to travel to the most beautiful destination and take the most breathtaking photos! We definitely recommend hiring a professional destination wedding photographer who specializes in elopements. They will make sure you get the most memorable shots and give you an album to treasure forever.

Would you prefer a wedding or an elopement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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